Hi, and welcome to the site of Derek Roberts, aka Big D, Relient F or whatever. This site is still in the early stages of being written and all that.

Things I host

MUDs, MOOs, generally anything you can connect to and get text from

Yes, I ran (or have run) several codebases. The ones I'm currently focussed on are LambdaMOO and Mooix. You can download a complete archive of my days on Moo cow penguin's free service (note this will uncompress to about 500mb, and the whole thing is in unix format) which, at time of writing, ended about a week ago. Well, the account's still there, but I'm not going to be hosting anything on it unless something really horrible happens and I lose my vps. Also, you can get a 7z version of that, it's a lot smaller (but will still uncompress into a huge directory!) Just in case anyone's wondering, my connection info was mcp-server.com port 8327. Change that address to failbox.co.cc and you've got good old BreakingMOO, just like it was (but hopefully faster and more stable). I also run a Mooix moo. Mooix allows you to code in about 5 supported, common programming languages. I'm still learning how to use it, but for the borring mud client version, connect to failbox.co.cc port 8328. Or, if you want the prettier version that lets you use editors on my machine, has a name completion function and lets you login with an encrypted connection, send me something at bigd(at)failbox.co.cc (replace (at) with the at sign) and I'll set you up. That's about all I can think of to say at the moment. But I'm a bit tired so blah. Come back in about 86,400 seconds.